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Plug-in Compact Fluorescent

Plug-In Compact Fluorescent Lights

By virtually any measure, Plug-In Compact Fluorescent Lamps are the perfect solution for low-energy applications where space is at a premium and quality is important. Plug-in CFLs take the savings and flexibility of CFLs a step further. Depending on the ballast, a plug-in CFL can produce high energy efficiency or extended life. Either way you save.

Plug-in CFLs can save users money in another way: it is the lamp of choice for utility rebate programs. Utilities like it because users cannot substitute incandescent lamps for plug-in CFLs, thanks to their unique plug configurations.

At the same time, plug-in CFLs preserve your options. With quick start and dimmable ballasts as well as a range of color temperatures, wattages, shapes and sizes, plug-in CFLs are a great energy-saving choice for most applications.

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