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HID Lamps

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp

When looking for lighting solutions, you deserve the very best in performance and efficiency. With pulse start metal halide lamps, you get powerful lighting built to last. Known for their incredible output, pulse start metal halide lamps are the newest technology in high-intensity discharge lamps.

HID Lamps are used in a variety of fixtures from high bays, wall packs, canopy lights, floodlights, street lighting, and a whole lot more. Some of the most common wattages used in pulse starts are 250 W, 400 W, 750 W, and 1000 watt. These lamps are controlled by several pulse start metal halide ballasts including an M35, or M155 these are specific towards this lamp and have to be wattage specific. We suggest you check with A-M Electric to make sure you're using the right base and ballast when selecting these lamps. We’re here to help.

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